Kosher Wine

Abagta receives its name from “Abaghta”, the father of the wine press.

A mandala is the perfect symbol to illustrate why our wines are uniques. Our mission, the center of the mandala, is to identify high-quality wines from boutique vineyards, with certified koshers. The outside of the form, shows the vision that it’s defined offering a good wine experience to every person with any kind of beliefs, religion or passion. Connecting both concepts is how we create the values of our brands, the harmony and union of every element.


Cabernet Sauvignon

2017. Lontué Valley, Chile.
A full-bodied Cabernet Sauvignon, that has intense ruby-red color with hints of caramel, cinnamon and
without overdominance of oak.

Pair: Abagta’s Cabernet Sauvignon is the perfect pair for many beef dishes like slow-cooked, braised meats or classically grilled ribeye steaks. These fattier cuts are the preferences for a cabernet. Nevertheless, it’s versatility allows us to pair it with other food options such as fish and chicken en even dessert.

Rose Wine

2018. Lontué Valley, Chile.
A Rosé that highlights the flavor of the grape with an engaging finish.
Our Rosé offers a medium salmon hue with hints of citrus, flowers and red fruits. Its fresh, crisp, dry style is a masterful match for almost any dish.
The taste reminds us of strawberries, green melon, roses and yellow peach that are complemented with a mouth quenching acidity. 

Pair: It’s the best wine variety of food pairing for every meal and during any season of the year. The combination of acidity, fruits and flowers of Abagta’s Rose wine take you to the perfect mood.


2017. Lontué Valley, Chile.
A medium bodied Malbec that offers a deep ruby color with hints of blackberry and plum. 

The nuanced flavor offers cocoa and violet flowers with a sweet tobacco finish.

Pair: Abagta’s Malbec begs to be paired with more full-flavored foods with pepper, sage, creamy mushroom sauces, melted cheese and blue cheese. But also as a medium to full-bodied red wine, it will pair extremely well with leaner red meats and dark meat turkey.


2017. Central Valley, Chile.
As an emerging producer of Chardonnay, Chile is gaining increasing international recognition from its production of this versatile varietal.

Our signature Chardonnay comes from Curicó, Chile, and has fruity aromas with tones of butter and hazelnuts.

Pair: Serve Chardonnay with mild, buttery or creamy dishes. Meaty fish and shellfish are the perfect food pair for this variety. Be sure that every dish contains toasty flavors. Also, pair sweet dishes or caramelized ingredients if you like to increase the impression of sweetness that the wine already has.

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